Veloce come il vento, 2016 ~ by Matteo Rovere

Veloce come il vento, 2016 ~ by Matteo Rovere   

((( In Original Italian with English Subtitles )))




Stefano Accorsi, Matilda De Angelis, Tatiana Luter,Roberta Mattei, Rinat Khismatouline



The De Martino family have always had motor oil and petrol flowing in their veins: they have been putting together and racing cars for generations.
Tracks, rallies, endurance: wherever you have to really let it rip. Mario, the head of the family, is forced to make way for his very young and exceptionally talented daughter Giulia. She is joined by her 40yearold brother Loris, a former driver, somewhat unreliable but with an extraordinary sense of trajectories and highly knowledgeable about engines. Together, they will have to return to the track and win, while escaping their demons and learning what it means – and how hard it is – to be a family.

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